If everything goes as planned (which it rarely does) for my winter term, I want to take:

College Reading
Geology 101
A 10 credit Baking course
A daily algebra class at my local high-school
And I hope to also have a part-time job.

I think I can handle it.


How I thought I would feel about going to college in the fall:

How I really feel:

So, if everything works out as planned, the classes that I will be taking during my first turn should be:

English 101
Art (Drawing) 103
Humanities 101
Rock Climbing

I’m looking up other classes for the rest of the school year and I’m so hyper and nervous and UGHHHHHHH this is my life! I’m just so nervous because I don’t want to make any idiotic decisions that will affect the outcome of my future.

Since all of the geology seats were taken, I need to pick another class to be my third for the first term.

But which one…


2 years ago